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In this age where crime is on an all-time high, it is advisable to follow precaution before an unpleasant incident hits you. If you don’t want unauthorized people to access your property, even if once they were your tenants, then it is advised to opt in for eviction service . Your old tenants might use the old keys to gain access to your property without leaving any traces of a break-in. If you don’t want your ex-tenant to violate the sanctity of your property, then it is advisable to call Midtown WI Locksmith Store at the earliest and safeguard your property in a better manner.

There are many instances, where burglars find an easy entry with the help of the duplicate keys that they possess. If you don’t want to compromise on the security of your home or property, then it is suggested to change/rekey the lock system, after evicting the tenants from your property.

Evicted tenants are vengeful

Midtown WI Locksmith Store Midtown, WI 414-875-3963Eviction is not a pleasant experience and an evicted tenant might look for the opportunity for revenge. They do not hesitate to break-in at an odd hour and damage the property or hurt someone. The eviction usually takes place when the landlord finds it impossible to allow the tenant to continue their stay the property. Non-payment of rent, erratic behavior, and illegal activities are a few common reasons behind evictions. Even if you are sure and trust your evicted tenant to be civil, it is recommended that you opt for eviction service in area to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The eviction process:

Step 1: Once the process of eviction has started, all the legal paperwork has been done and tenants are asked to evict your property, you can call Midtown WI Locksmith Store for eviction service .

Step 2: The eviction experts will gather all the relevant information and would enquire about the level of access that was given to the previous tenant

Step 3: Locks that are too old, defective or damaged are replaced with new ones. The purpose is to keep the security tight and intact.

Step 4: Midtown WI Locksmith Store would assess the lock systems and would identify any weak points. The process of re-keying of all the locks will then take place

Step 6(optional): The team could install additional security devices, in order to amplify the security on demand.

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